5/11-5/17 ; Sweet Memories

Although it was finals week for me, most of the friends I made at Ateneo were seniors and they got to end school a week earlier. As a result, most of them were all pretty much free to hang out. It was nice to be able to celebrate our “birthdays” (it was Kim’s birthday the day after mine) with them and catch up before our days at Ateneo come to an end. I’m really greatful for the friends I made here because without them, Ateneo would’ve been completely miserable. It was really only when I spent time with these friends that I was able to keep my mind of off the stress that Ateneo would give me.

5/11/16: For Kim’s birthday, we went to her favorite restaurant, Mom and Tina’s for dinner. Afterwards, we went to a dog cafe where when you purchase a drink, you get 2 full hours of unlimited dog time. Most of the dogs were really cuddly but the big ones were pretty sleepy since we went at around 9pm.

click to enlarge photos:


5/12/16: Some of our friends were free on Thursday to go out with us to BGC. It was a really fun night to catch up and we actually met some of our other friends while we were there. However, since it was a Thursday it was also pretty dead but it was cool for a chill night out.


5/17/16: I said goodbye to my closest friends at Ateneo this day. They were the ones who showed me the truest of filipino hospitality during my stay here. 🙂 They’re both seniors so they’re already done with school but I’m moving out of dorms this wednesday so I would no longer be at Ateneo the next time I’d get to see them.


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