5/10/16 ; Birthday

I stayed with my relatives over the weekend of my birthday because on May 9th was considered at holiday at our school for it being  election day. Election day was pretty hectic as my cousin was running for Councilor in Bulacan and everyone was anticipating the results or voting. Thankfully, he won. 🙂 As for the president, we didn’t know who won until a few days later and the VP wasn’t announced until a week later because they all tally the votes manually. Most of my relatives were upset that Duterte won for president as apparently he’s the equivalent of Donald Trump in the States.

On the day of my actual birthday, I was greeted with a Happy Birthday from my nephews and a lovely chocolate cake. Then, we all got ready and headed for Fontana. On the way we ate a chinese restaurant, where I actually ate chicken feet as peer pressured by my cousins. Fontana is known for being a kid’s waterpark and while it was cold, it was relaxing to just not have to worry about school for once. It was also nice to see my nephews enjoying it. After swimming, my aunt’s side relatives came over to the villa and they all greeted me and we had dinner. I hung out with the cousins for a little bit but they brought their dog, who gave birth to four puppies and I spent most of my time playing with them. Kim and I had to leave the next day as we had our final days of school right after. It would’ve been nice to stay an extra day as we woke up early the next day at around 6am to go back to school but it was a nice break.


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