4/2-4/4 Weekend; Surprises

On Saturday, my ASEC buddy, Kim, and I went out for shopping, dinner, and Mystery Manila at Eastwood. Mystery Manila is basically an activity where you and your friends are trapped in a room and you use the clues given to you to find a way to escape. There are several themes for Mystery Manila but my buddy decided to choose the scariest one called Rebecca’s Revenge, where there’s a possessed girl haunting the room and you try to find the clues to perform an exorcist and you’re given 60 minutes to complete this. The eery sounds, the screaming, and door banging playlist they played really messed with your head as you were trapped in a totally dark room. As a result my friends were scared out of their minds and we gave up within 10 minutes. The workers kept giving us more chances to try to complete it but it was too much. So, we failed but it was a really funny experience. Apparently we chose the scariest course so we’re determined to go back but with a different course this time and actually beat the time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.03.15 AM.png

12919388_10207485156861350_1159515534_o.jpg Above: Kim, Me, and my buddy failing out mission. 🙂


On Monday, it was one of my friend’s birthday. So some of my other friends and I met up at the Starbucks near her condo at around 11:30pm to surprise her with a cake. Together we walked to her condo and called her down at midnight. We pretended she had something to sign in the lobby and when she came down she was so surprised. (I wish I could include the video but WordPress doesn’t allow videos). Unfortunately we all had tests or homework due the next day so we couldn’t stay long but we all made plans to celebrate her birthday Wednesday night when we’re all not busy. 🙂



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