3/28/16 ; Ateneo on Lockdown

I guess I wasn’t the only one dreading going back to school today as on my way to my first class, it was announced that there had been a bomb threat on campus. They were having all the students evacuate the building and go to the field that was just right next to campus. It made no sense to me to stay there so I just walked back to my dorm. The dormers were advised to just stay in the dorms as it was considered safe for now but we were all advised to pack emergency bags but they didn’t announce anything at all or update us in anyway until about 2 hours after they evacuated campus. Also, the main method of communication is through facebook, which I found really funny.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.39.13 PM

They reopened campus at around 5pm. Before then, no cars were allowed on campus and if people were to leave, it had to be on foot and they weren’t allowed to return. If they were dormers, they weren’t allowed to leave campus until the investigation was complete. I wasn’t scared because according to my classmates, this wasn’t the first time Ateneo received bomb threats. Everything is okay now and school is pretty much back to normal.

It received national coverage as my cousin texted me asking if I was okay.

Here’s the news article: http://news.abs-cbn.com/nation/metro-manila/03/28/16/bomb-scare-forces-evacuation-at-admu

Official memo:

Memo on bomb threat


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