3/24/16-3/17/16; Cebu

Day 1: Thursday

We had to ride a boat going from Bohol to Cebu which took about an hour and a half. Our lucky boat number:

Once we got there, we went straight to our hotel to drop our things off. We ended up eating at a restaurant right next to our hotel called House of Lechon, where they served cebu lechon straight from carcar. We tried both the regular and spicy lechon. It was true that you don’t need any sauce for lechon in Cebu. (I guess I was too hungry that I forgot to take a picture).

Tabo-An Market~ it is known for their dried fish and other known foods like Otap, dried mangoes, etc.


We decided to visit all the historical places in Cebu City since we only had half of the day left. Luckily they were all walkable for us, about a 10 minute walk in between places.

We walked down Colon Street, which is known as the oldest street in the country but it no longer looks like how it did before and is very modernized and just looks like an average street now so we didn’t even recognize we were walking on it and unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to take a picture (but these are from the internet to get an idea).

Cebu Heritage Monument~ The monument depicts scenes from the baptism of Rajah Humabon, a procession of the Santo Niño, a Roman Catholic mass, and the Battle of Mactan between Lapu-Lapu and Ferdinand Magellan.


Yap Sandiego Ancestral House~ This place is known as one of the oldest houses in the Philippines and one of the first ones owned by a Chinese. The current generation of the Yap family still lives in the home on the weekends. It’s a cool place to visit because you are allowed to sit in the chairs and freely touch everything. I mostly videoed the house because it was easier that way but here’s a few photos.

video links: house view 1, house view 2, house view 3, house 4

Basilica Minore del Sto Nino~ Since it was Holy Thursday, there was a lot of people at the church. There was also a mass going on when we got there, so I didn’t want to take a picture of the inside and disturb the mass.

video: outside church

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 5.16.35 PM

Magellan’s Cross~ Ferdinand Magellan he had a cross planted to mark his arrival in Cebu.  The original wood is encased in this cross.


Fort San Pedro~ This was closed because of Holy Thursday but we just walked around the area.

Day 2: Friday 

It was pretty hard to find places that were open on Good Friday.

We just ate breakfast at the 7-11 right next to our hotel and went directly on the way to the Daoist Temple, which was a must see apparently. There was surprisingly a lot of people there for it being 11am. You could ask to make a wish at the altar of the temple, but unfortunately I couldn’t go inside because I had only packed shorts for this trip and there was a strict dress code for the altar.

video: temple 1, temple 2, holy shrine

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary~ This was also one of the few places that were open on Good Friday. Unfortunately, they said it wasn’t a good season for the butterflies as most of them die during this time due to the heat. As a result, we didn’t get a chance to take pictures of them as the only ones that we could see were pretty small. There is, however, a museum of all the butterflies collected and the scientist that founded the museum actually created artwork using only the damaged wings of butterflies. In the pictures below, all the artwork is made from the wings. We weren’t allowed to take pictures of it close up but it was really amazing. Even his signature was made out of the wings. (You can also see the progression of my insane tan :)).

We ate lunch at Lantaw Native Restaurant because it was that or Jollibee or McDonalds that were open on Good Friday. I ordered garlic butter shrimp since I can’t eat meat and it was actually amazing. Marco ordered Bacolod chicken.

My sister’s 18th Birthday~

I’m really glad I had internet in my hotel so that I was able to call my sister. Although the connection wasn’t the greatest, it was still nice to be able to greet her at the right time. I realized that I’m starting to miss home a lot more.

My sister with my part 2 of her bday gift.

Crown Regency Hotel & Towers~ 

For our final spot for the day was going to the 38th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel, where they had things that would satisfy any adrenaline junkie. My friend, although he insisted on going, is afraid of heights. For some reason he though he would probably get over it when we got there, but he didn’t. As a result, he asked for the rollercoaster not to be tilted and to go slowly. It wasn’t the adrenaline pumping for me but the view was nice at least.

For the rollercoaster, it’s supposed to be tilted like this to be fun video: tilted version. But it was too much for Marco. As you can see from our photo, it was leveled so it just felt like a kid’s ride to me.

Day 3: Saturday 

Kawasan Falls~ It was pretty crowded when we went. There was no room for parking so our driver had to just drop us off and come back later. We had to wait a few minutes for our turn on the raft. The rafting activity let us basically go under and through the waterfall. We got soaked. At first it felt like a massage but then it felt like water was pelting your back when we were getting out of it. Marco volunteered his phone for this, so I don’t have most of the pictures yet (so, more pics to come). You could also hike up the four tiers of the waterfall, but it was so crowded hiking up after the 2nd tier we went back down and there wasn’t much a view afterwards anyway.


Moalboal Beach~ By the time we left Kawasan, Moalboal was packed. Everyone was tenting overnight there. When finished eating lunch there wasn’t much room to stay around for long. Marco and I just ate lunch there and he swam for a bit. I was already pretty tired and I didn’t feel like getting any darker so I stayed in the shade and relaxed on the sand.


We ended the day eating dinner at the Ayala Shopping Center which was right across from our hotel. Afterwards Marco said he wanted to watch a movie so we watched Batman Vs. Superman and the theater was surprisingly packed as well. They also make you sing the national anthem before the movie starts which I thought was interesting. For the movie itself, I give it a C-.


Day 4: Sunday – Going Home 

Our check out of our hotel was 12pm but our flight was at 8pm, so we asked if we could just leave our luggage in the lobby. We decided to just stay close by and went shopping at SM City Cebu which is the biggest mall in the Philippines. It was a really nice place to go shopping but I didn’t bring a luggage big enough to fit it all. So we just bought a few souvenirs. Marco wanted to leave for the airport super early because he was afraid of the traffic so we left at around 4pm. It turns out, it wasn’t traffic at all and our uber driver said it’s usually Mondays after Easter when it’s traffic and not Sundays. Either way, we stayed at the airport for a good 5 hours because our flight was delayed. The flight made up for lost time and we got home at around 11:30. I was welcomed back to Manila by feeling the wondrous heat that was not so apparent in the provinces.



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