3/9/16; Recovery day

I woke up today with enough energy to actually go to my morning class. I woke up earlier than my alarm and I got ready just in time. It’s extremely hot now since it’s the Philippine’s “summer” season. So naturally I’m sweating from the heat and semi from being sick. Everyone in class kept complaining how hot it was but I’ve been hot since January so now it’s extra hot. Basically, it’s hot when pretty much all of your classmates are posting this on Facebook:


I sat in my first class, cooling down in the delightfully air-conditioned room only to find out 10 minutes later that we had a “free-cut” as they call it here or pretty much class was cancelled because my professor was stuck in traffic. I thought I had a nice break already until I found out I had another “free-cut” in my next class. I had time to order jolibee delivery to my dorm and it was the best Php200 I ever spent – I got a whole container of spaghetti, large fries, and three peach mango pies (which I later shared with friends obviously) delivered right to my dorm lobby for the price of about $4. Anyway, I only had one class today which was nice. However it’s my four hour lab class which is my least favorite class of the whole week not only because it’s once a week for 4 hours but because my professor isn’t the best. She was a strange professor in general but today she decided to make me a victim to her craziness. I had finished my part of my lab and having to listen to her 3 hour lecture beforehand nonstop, deal with the heat that I hadn’t dealt with for a couple of days and having to wear pants, still having a stomach ache, and all those factors I was getting a headache. Since I was done with my part and my lab group was all just conversing with one another about unrelated class things, I thought it would be okay if I just leaned my head on my hand and checked my phone because everyone else who was done was. However, she decided to think that I was being “unparticipative” (yes, I know it’s not a real word) and began to scold me for a good minute about it. After letting her rant, I explained to her that I finished all my work and I wasn’t feeling well. She began to scold me about how I would have to have a doctor’s note if I wasn’t “feeling well” and I immediately took out my hospital note as she was still talking. She stared at me and asked, “you were confined?” I nodded and she began to blame me for her scolding me because I didn’t present it to her beforehand even though she started class right away and she never had time for me to even go up to her. She just walked away after that and my headache grew. There are a lot more things wrong with her like she has misogynistic tendencies and she says a lot of insanely politically incorrect things and for the most part I just dealt with her “dark age” mentality but today I was really done with her.

As a result. I left immediately when she dismissed class and apparently Kim was having a bad day at school too so we decided to go out to eat at Earth Kitchen where we ordered jasmine tea, shrimp spring rolls, fish tacos, and the beef kabob which were their most favorite dishes and had every reason to be. It was nice to eat a place that actually clean, tasted good and was healthy. While it was traffic to get there (it’s a 7min drive without traffic but took 20 minutes with it), it was worth it.

Afterwards we decided to continue with the pampering and we got a pedicure (only hands because it was closing soon). It took longer than expected though because they got new polish and it took longer to dry apparently but it came out nicely and it was all somewhat worth the stress of today.



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