3/1 – 3/8; Sickness & Hospital Beds (Long post)

Tuesday night at around 10pm, I got started to feel a fever coming on and since I had a big midterm the next day, I decided to take advil to help me feel better. I woke up sweating in the middle of the night even though I was feeling immense chills. At around 3 am, I decided to check my temperature – 102. I took another advil because I really couldn’t afford to be sick. I woke up again to get ready for class and had bad stomach pains. I really couldn’t afford to miss school that day so I decided to tough it out the whole day, but I could only handle the day in hour intervals.

That day I had my midterm for my genetics lab. But before that was my 3 hour lecture. I had to leave halfway to compose myself and them came back. After lecture, my professor made us stay outside in the heat for what she claimed would only take 20 minutes- but actually took more than an hour. I had to wear pants for lab so being outside in direct sunlight with pants on, still feverish, and with incredible stomach pains made me completely miserable and I ended up not even doing well on my midterm.

My relatives decided to pick me up and go to Bulacan to get a check up because I wasn’t feeling well. I was reluctant because I knew I had a major test on Friday and I could not study well if I went home but I did want to get medicine that would help me get better so I went home. I found out that there was actually no running water at their house, so I became more miserable because having stomach problems + no water = disaster.

Thursday morning we went to the doctor. I was still trying to tough it out as the doctor gave me my medication. I barely had the appetite for anything as my stomach rejected even crackers and hot water. However, the medication that my doctor gave me were very strong. High dosage of medicine + “empty” stomach = disaster.

I began to throw everything up, which luckily wasn’t a lot because I barely ate. But I thre up consecutively. My body began cramping up completely and all I felt was a strong tingling sensation from my toes to my face. I could barely move anything but my lips. I started to cry uncontrollably because of the immense and unbearable pain. I found out later by my doctor that my throwing up and stomach problems caused me to lose so much electrolytes plus I was extremely dehydrated  which was why my body began to cramp up. Electrolytes help conduct nerve impulses throughout your body, which cause muscles to contract. When your body loses enough water and/or electrolytes, the nerve impulses from your brain to your muscles become messed up and your muscles start cramping.

I could not physically move to contact my relatives downstairs and had no control of my fingers to even text them. I just laid there in immense pain for a good 2 hours before my cousin came in to call me for dinner. They contacted my doctor was rushed to the nearest hospital immediately where my relatives basically had to carry me to the car and to and from the hospital bed. It sucked because it was around 5pm so it was insanely traffic.

One of the nurses could not understand that my body was completely cramped and kept forcing my hands to open up which insanely hurt. She tried to inject the IV into my completely closed up hand and my vein popped, which I now have a giant circular bruise on the back of my hand. My left hand was slightly more relaxed after a while, so they were able to inject the IV there and was given dextrose immediately (below).


Once that was in me, I completely passed out from the pain. While I am in no place to say this, my stomach hurt as if I was in labor, which was ironic because my relatives took me to a maternity hospital (because it was the closest to them). I woke up 2 hours later with the dextrose almost empty but feeling much better. They said they it was like my body was slurping up the dextrose. I felt really bad for my relatives because they were all freaking out over me and they were really disoriented. They didn’t need that kind of stress on them and I wish I could’ve just been able to handle it myself. But I am very thankful for them and had they not picked me up, even though I thought I could handle it, I don’t know what I would’ve done (also thanks to my mom for suggesting they pick me up ;)).

Anyway, we stayed there overnight but it was a tough night for me. While my body wasn’t cramping up anymore, my tummy still felt like someone was consistently stabbing me there. The nurses also came to check my vitals every 2 hours and whenever they open the door, it sounds like someone’s breaking in since it’s so loud. My aunt barely slept too because I moved slightly at around 3am and she immediately got up to make sure I was okay.

In the morning, the doctor came to check up on me. He gave me the run down as to why I was feeling what I was feeling and gave me an analysis of my stool and urine samples. Basically I got a horrible case of amebiasis from either something I ate or drank. Looking back, however, I’ve only eaten at upscale restaurants or my cafeteria so it was hard to find the culprit. He said to just drink distilled bottled water and just eat plain foods for now. He told us we had to stay there for another day just to make sure that I don’t have that cramping problem again.

I was really restless to get out of the hospital as the bed was extremely uncomfortable and I kept feeling guilty for putting my aunt under all that stress. Also, I forgot to bring my phone charger so I was phone-less for a few days. 🙂 I finally convinced the doctor to let me leave Saturday, but he told me that I should still be on bed rest for the next few days.

I really didn’t want to miss anymore school so I asked my relatives to drop me off back to school on Sunday so that I could go back to class. However I woke and got ready for class on Monday but walking to class, I just couldn’t handle it. Philippine’s “summer” season has started so it’s hotter than ever. I can barely walk to class without feeling like death. Even with plenty of bed rest, I am still feeling sick. My head won’t stop hurting and my stomach is still not back to normal, but my doctor said it will still take 4-5 more days for be okay again. 😦 But I guess it’s all part of the experience.





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