2/27/16; Spa Day

On this day, my friend and I decided to have a relaxing weekend after a hectic week of midterms. The spa with the best ratings that was near us was Bluewater Day Spa in Greenbelt. It was in a really nice area and the spa was decent. We thought we had our reservations confirmed online but they said their online website is broken and that it says we were booked even when we physically weren’t which seems to be a typical problem here anywhere we go.

Luckily, they gave us a private room without the extra cost because of it. The room was nice and came with a private shower and bathroom in the room (not pictured). There’s calming music played in the room as well and was mainly lit by candles. They also offered hot tea but I didn’t drink it because it was hot already.

The spa ladies brought their kids to work that weekend so it was kind of hard to relax when the children would open the door often and make noise but it was fine. It was just funny but they kept apologizing to us. Kim had never gotten a massage before so I let her choose which one she wanted. She went for the Swedish massage which was okay but she really liked it. The facial was the best part in my opinion.They gave us an estimate on how long it would take so we were expecting to be done in 3 hours but it actually took them 5 hours. So once we got out we decided to just eat dinner and hang around the mall which was right across the street from the spa.

Pictured: Spa images, mall area pictures, dinner: shrimp, fried rice, sauteed vegetables, mango juice; mall escalator that weren’t steps, just a large slope. 🙂



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