2/19/16; Colorama

Friday night, I attended an event that was run by the ASEC (Ateneo Student Exchange Council) Organization that was held at BGC in Manila. It was basically a paint party where they sprayed paint mixed with water on us and danced to music from student DJ’s. I ate dinner with my friends Kim, Ina, and Johnassen (Ina’s friend) beforehand. The event started at 8pm but obviously filipinos like to be late so the event didn’t really start until 10:30. It was fun because I got to see a lot of my friends from orientation that I hadn’t seen in a while and it was nice to hangout and even meet some new people and I got to talk to some classmates that I wouldn’t have had a chance to talk to in class.

I couldn’t take much pictures because it would’ve gotten covered in paint and water soon after. 🙂

12728935_947207722023127_2451323338217921327_n.jpg12744104_947208662023033_362908696721782422_n.jpg12743601_947207938689772_4941839865868686824_n.jpgASEC PC credits12744104_947208662023033_362908696721782422_n.jpg12729367_10153240228531364_4038474545444584458_n.jpgback to front: me, Kim, Inna, and Kamille before the paint.

12764502_816165678528912_3140072045058789532_oKim, me, Charisse, and new friends


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