2/7/16: Hundred Islands Island Hopping

It was a journey to get here. We met up at the McDonalds near Ateneo to ride a taxi to get to the nearest bus station. We took a 12:00am bus to Pangasinan and that was about 6 hour bus ride. They would make rest stops ever hour and turn on the lights so it was impossible to sleep. We arrived at the Hundred Islands tourist office but we were an hour early so we sat at their bench in front of the place and tried to ignore the beggars.

When it was finally 6, we got inside and they told us that we had to get a medium boat because small boats were not safe for the windy conditions. We ended up having to wait almost 3 hours for someone to take us there. They gave us a large boat instead to make up for it. It was funny to have a large boat for the four of us when people in large boats were for 12-16 people but we got it for the price of a medium which was great.

The weather was pretty windy most of the day which was sad because it wasn’t as nice without sun but we didn’t get sunburned so that was the best part of the trip. It was a nice experience nonetheless and our favorite was Scout’s Island because it was a secluded beach so it felt like we had an island to ourselves. We only got to see like 6 islands out of the 100 because the waves weren’t favorable to see all of them but it took most of the day so it was overall fun and a good time.


IMG_0217.jpgIMG_0200.jpgIMG_0204.jpgIMG_0234.jpgIMG_0241.jpgIMG_0237.jpgIMG_0222.jpgIMG_0193 (1).jpgIMG_0224.jpgIMG_0256.jpg








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