2 weeks of school review

Sorry I haven’t updated this in a while. I’ve been busy with the past two weeks of school. I’m currently taking seven classes here and it takes up the whole day pretty much since I’m in class from 9-5 MWF and 8-6 TTh with hour breaks in between classes.

Classes here are a lot different than classes in America. Although Ateneo is a college, they still treat their students as if it was high school. For example, we have to follow a dresscode where teachers actually tell students to go home and change when it’s something as minor as just wearing flip flops to class. They also assign a lot of homework. On the first day of class, I already had 3 readings to do and was assigned 20 problems to do. At USF, it probably would’ve just been a day dedicated to the syllabus. It’s no wonder the students here are more stressed out here. I go to class and everyone freaks out about a pop quiz being given or homework being due. They also have bells here for when passing period is, which is about 10 minutes to walk to the next class. Finally, they assign a lot of group work. I don’t think I have a single class where I’m not in a group.

Here, they also choose “beadles” which are basically teacher assistants in class to announce things to the class via facebook rather than the professor announcing it themselves in person, which I find kind of inconvenient.

It’s going to be my third week of class and I already have a test on Friday which my classmates tell me is at least about 30% of my grade so that adds to the stress.

The classes so far aren’t that enjoyable. Some of the professors that I have are just unbearably boring. For example, my genetics professor reads the textbook word for word for a 2 hour lecture and would repeat every other sentence she says. And when we finished our lab early, instead of letting us go early, she reads next week’s lab procedure to us and manages to make up the 2 hours leftover. My other teachers reteach what we learned from the last class, which takes up half of the class time rather than just picking up from where they left off. It just makes classes a bit hard to handle sitting in for 1-2 hours along with a lot of homework it’s just difficult to bear.

Other than the intensity of the assignments, most of my classrooms are air conditioned and my classmates are very friendly and helpful so it makes the classes more manageable, which I am very thankful for. Luckily, I am adjusting to the time difference so it’s been getting better. And since February has been filled with holidays, the long weekends have been a nice break from school stress.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.44.07 PM.png



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