1/31/16: Family Reunion

We were invited to the del Rosario family reunion which was held at Valle Verde 5 in Pasig. We were assigned color codings based on which sibling of the older generation of del Rosarios we were from. For us, we had to wear red. Other colors were blue, green, and white. They encouraged us to separate ourselves from people with the same color as us but since people who were in red were already new faces to me, I got to stay with the reds mostly. Also, my cousins didn’t remember who most of the people were so it was acceptable for me not to remember.

It started off with a mass since it was a Sunday. Then, we ate buffet-style food which were grilled tiger shrimp, lechon, turkey, pasta with your choice of sauce, burritos, and fish. They only served soda and water for drinks. There were a lot of games to play but people were too busy mingling and catching up with each other to really participate. There was, however, a lot of dancing. And the older ladies of the family danced for about 2 hours straight.

I spent most of the reunion taking pictures with family and eating. It started around 11am and we left at around 2:30. You knew it was a filipino party when people took home leftovers of the buffet and when we were given umbrellas as a party favor, some took more than their fair share. For example, my aunt took at least 8 umbrellas for the 4 of us. According to them, umbrellas are pretty expensive here and are valued because of how often it rains.




Above 2 pictures: Venue and decor of the reunion.


Above: The red, Timoteo, representatives of the del Rosario family.


12605379_10208295056234856_8704070922036103305_o.jpg Above: Picture of my aunt and cousins with with DFA sec. Albert del Rosario




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