1/9/16: Relax

I think my relatives could tell that I was pretty jet lagged today so they decided for me to just have a rest day and allow myself to adjust to the time. I did manage to go to sleep but I woke up at around 7:40 am and when I went out of my room, I was told that my relatives were already downstairs eating breakfast. After washing up, I was presented a large plate of bright red Tender Juicy sausages along with pan de sal and fried eggs. Because I woke up later than the rest of my relatives, most of them had already gone about their day. As a result, I ate breakfast with my nephew, who was watching Little Alien on his iPad while eating breakfast. My cousin (his mom) came down and we talked for a bit about my nephew, telling cute stories of him growing up that I had missed. Then my other cousin arrived with his wife and two sons. The two boys greeted me shyly, but were happily showing off their new bikes to me. While eating lunch, which was tingle and fried Bangus, they rode it around me as I ate. After lunch, everyone wanted to have their rest time in their own rooms and it was the perfect time to call my family. I FaceTimed my family for a good three hours and then my mom decided to talk to my cousins for another few hours. After finishing the call, I was about to rest when I heard one of my nephews screaming, ”NINANG! LETS GO NINANG.” My door was open but instead of walking in and calling me, he was shyly pacing around my door. He’d peer his head into the doorway for a little bit, call me, and then quickly move his head out. My relatives chose to eat at Shell. When they said Shell, I thought that was the name of the restaurant. To my surprise, it was to the Shell gas station. However, the gas stations here have restaurants at the gas station like Starbucks, BurgerKing, Jollibee, KrispyKreme, etc. It also had small filipino food stalls where my family ordered Balut, a hardboiled version of Balut (I forgot what it was called but starts with a P), and a kind of fried octopus ball filled with cabbage filling. My stomach probably can’t handle the more exotic street foods just yet so I ate a BurgerKing whopper (which is a lot smaller compared to the US) and a Starbucks drink. I did, however, try a little bit of the octopus ball and it was pretty good.


Left: Shell gas station with eateries.


We ate and sat around for a good few hours and then one of my aunt’s sister and her family came to Shell and they talked for a few more hours. My cousin informed me that they meet up at a restaurant every weekend and talk for hours… every weekend. Apparently that wasn’t enough time to talk, however, because they decided to continue the conversation at Jollibee’s but not at the Jollibee’s at Shell. They chose a Jollibee’s that was a few minutes away instead, where I met my aunt’s mom and dad.

They were all very happy that I understood and spoke Tagalog so they wouldn’t have to strain themselves with English. For a day that was supposed to bIMG_0006.jpge my rest day, so far I had 0 hours of rest. I was trying to fight my tiredness by now but luckily my uncle also wanted to leave his in-laws and told me that I could rest in the car so it would be an excuse to leave earlier. My nephews were also tired at the time so they rested in the car with me. I fell asleep and who knows how many hours later we were driving home. I was so tired that I passed out on the bed as soon as we got home. I woke up a few hours later and forced myself to take a shower and get ready for bed. I passed out again.


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