1/15/16: Back to Bulacan

I woke up today at around 4am again. I thought I was no longer jet-lagged but I guess my body is still adjusting. I still got six hours of sleep though, so I guess it’s okay. I made plans to go back to Bulacan this weekend. Ninong Andrew and Ninang Evelyn texted me that they would pick me up at around 9am. I packed my things and I tried to go back to sleep but I ended up just lying in my bed the whole time. Once it was almost 9, I walked to the lobby and found them walking in at the same time and Kuya Adrian was there too. We drove to SM The Block aka SM North Edsa, where I ate breakfast at Fatboy’s Pizza, which had an interesting topping of extra cheese, pineapple, mushroom, pepperoni, and different sausages but it all came together well. Then we went to buy some school supplies for me and for Andre. Then we walked around more to look for a converter for my LAN cable to my laptop because I can’t connect the LAN cable directly to my laptop without one. Kuya Adrian and I walked to every single electronic store in the mall but none of them had one or others said they’ve run out. We basically went electronic store hopping because when we went to one store, they’d tell us to go to another, and it went on for a good hour until we gave up and called Ate Ara if she could find one near here in Makati. Ninong Andrew went to go get a haircut so while we waited, we went to a nice internet cafe. Afterwards, we went to eat lunch at Tim Ho Wan, a dim sum restaurant.

IMG_0063.jpg IMG_0064.jpg

Above: Baked Siopao and Spareribs with rice bowl. (Not pictured: Suimai, shrimp rice roll, spicy shrimp dumpling, Chicken with rice bowl, and fried tofu.

IMG_0067.jpgLeft: Glimpse of Manila traffic.

On the way back to Bulacan, it was pretty traffic so I fell asleep in the car pretty much the whole way there. When we got home, I was welcomed by my amazingly cold, air-conditioned bedroom. I laid down in the bed the rest of the time until I was called for dinner. For dinner we had nilaga chicken, bangus, and mashed potatoes which was the best meal for me so far since my stomach was familiar with it. Afterwards, my nephew, Antione, and I watched tv together and played with playdoh while we waited for Ate Ara to come back from work (below).


IMG_8617.jpgNow, I finally had internet to post all of my blog entries. The past few days have been pretty tiring and I feel rushed to update this blog so my writing isn’t the best but I will get around to editing the wording later. For now, at least the content is updated for my parents to read and stop texting me to update, even when I keep telling them I couldn’t. 🙂

I’m also happy to have internet again because I can finally catch up on the 8 episodes of On the Wings of Love that I’ve been missing out on. 😉

Also, I have been bitten about another 10 times while I’ve been updating this blog. I have no idea where they come from but at this rate, it seems like I’ll be covered in bites from head to toe by the time I go back home.


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