1/14/16: Move In Day 2

I finally had a good day of sleep. I woke up and saw that the mosquito lotion my mom gave me was working well. I went to the bathroom to see it was all cleaned and more equipped than when I arrived. I found out that today was the day that the rest of the students would move in to the dorm. After I got ready and changed, I texted my sister on WhatsApp, which is the only app that works here in my dorms for some reason and nothing else. The internet in my room is still spotty so I had to walk in and out of my dorm to get signal again. I was arranging my things again when all of sudden the door opens wide and I am faced with about 7 girls dressed in Ateneo uniforms. The roommate I had met introduced me to them and one of the other girls was another one of my roommates. 6 out of the 7 had short hair and they were all around the same height as me. It was kind of intimidating to be confronted with so many people at once, while I was just sitting on my bed completely off guard but they all seemed nice and just seemed shy to speak in English to me like I was shy to speak Tagalog to them. But I had told them I understood tagalog so they felt more comfortable around me. I was hoping that today would be my rest day since tomorrow was supposed to be my registration but my friend, Radiance, texted me that we were supposed to get our ID’s done asap so I had to get ready and meet up with her, Sebastian, and Kim to take care of that. Kim met up with me at my dorm and we walked to the cafeteria to meet Radiance and Sebastian, who were already eating. Kim and I walked around the cafeteria looking for places that wouldn’t upset our stomachs too much and ended up settling for pasta. We had a bit of trouble figuring out how the cafeteria system worked so luckily we found some of our Ateneo friends who helped us out. We then walked to the ID registration room to and while waiting in line to get our pictures, Kim had to walk back to the dorm because she was wearing a sleeveless shirt, which was unacceptable for their IDs. While we were waiting for her to return, I called my parents since the data was decent in the building, who kept telling me I needed to work on getting wifi- which I had already been doing the whole time since I had been there.. School hasn’t started yet so not everything at school is up and running yet so it takes longer than normal. Anyway, Radiance, Sebastian, and Kim had registration today – it’s ordered by alphabetical order of our schools- so we walked to the OIR room. I decided to just go with them because I had to talk to Jayson about the internet again by my parents’ demand. After talking to him, I decided to just wait for my friends and just watch their things for them because the data was better in the building. Once my friends were finished, I was about to leave when Ms. Bu, the assistant director of the OIR, called me to her and told me that I was “very lucky” because she was going to register me today instead of having to wait until tomorrow because I was already there. Also lucky for me, all of my classes had been approved so I was good to go and finished quickly. 

Afterwards, we walked back to our dorms where we were immediately told that we had to pay our appliance fees. Having brought a lot of appliances and I also had to pay for internet – which was basically just paying for a LAN cable to plug in to the dorm wall. However, the guy at front desk told me that the person who sets up the internet for people in the dorms already left and I would have to wait until Monday to get it set up. So, Radiance, Sebastian, Kim and I were going to take a taxi to the mall to eat dinner. I went to my dorm to drop off my things and when I went back to the lobby to wait for my friends, the laIMG_8616.jpgdy at the front desk came up to me and told me that she made a call to have someone help me set up my internet today if I was willing to do it right then but I had to cancel dinner with my friends, which I was willing to do because my parents were so adamant about the internet. Kim also didn’t have her internet set up in her room so she decided to stay with me anyway so the person could fix hers as well. Kim and I were invited to hang out at a house some of the French students had rented for the semester but it was 1 30minute walk and it was getting pretty late so we decided not to go and eat dinner somewhere near. Kim and I walked around campus to look for more cafeterias other than the one we ate at for lunch, but we didn’t really feel like eating at those ones. So, we walked across the overpass near Ateneo’s entrance and ate at Mom and Tina’s restaurant, where I ordered fish and chips (Right). Kim and I just hung out there until it was almost time to go back to the dorm because it was nicely air-conditioned and had wifi.


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