1/12/16: Orientation Day 2

I met up with Radiance, Kim, and Sebastian at the lobby of our dorms to meet up for our second day of orientation. They all told us to be there at 8:30 am, but it ran Filipino time so it didn’t start until 9:30. They were more presentations, like introducing us to the different school organizations and more about ASEC (Ateneo Student Exchange Community, which is the club that runs the exchange program). We then ate lunch at Buffalo Wings, because we get a student discount there, and I had Southern Fried Chicken, which ended up being really sweet.

IMG_8600.jpgLeft: Southern Fried chicken with sweet gravy, beans, and rice for less than 200 pesos. 

We went back to orientation, where they told us we were doing an Amazing Race, kind of thing for us to get to know the school campus. The people in our Amazing Race group would also be a part of our ASEC “barkada” for the rest of the semester. In my group was an our ASEC leader, named Bruce and an Indonesian girl named Monica and an Indonesian guy named Kafka. We finished third in the race, which was pretty good because we were one of the smallest groups. After the race, we had ASEC buddies mixer. However, most of the buddies, including mine, couldn’t make it because it was still winter break for them so a lot of them were on vacation. However, I did get to meet some Ateneans during the exchange and I got to meet up with another of my friends who exchanged at USF, named Trixie. I got to meet and get to know a lot more people then. I met 2 other french people named Bastien and Sebastian that joined Me, Kim, Radiance, Sebastian, and Marco for dinner, which was included for today’s orientation. For dinner they had girls from Ateneo dance the Tinikling and other filipino folk dances while we ate. The dinner was a fish tempura, beef with broccoli, chicken and gravy, and lechon. They also served unlimited dirty ice cream in a cart on one side of the room.

12604795_961963700549561_7844222947092723338_oAbove: Amazing Race Group – Kafka, Monica, Me, and Bruce 


Above: At the Buddy mixer – Me, Bruce, Kafka, Monica, Coline, Deborah, and Candice

Right: Table decor for the orientation dinner.


We talked to people for about a few hours afterwards and then we went back to the dorms because we had to wake up for orientation at 6:30am the next day. Kim stayed in my for a little bit and we talked until my roommate came back to sleep. I visited her dorm, which was all the way on the 5th floor and it was a lot scarier than mine. It was completely dark and had open windows along the hallway. She also had a lot of cats running around in her hallway, which made me more thankful about staying on my floor.


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