1/10/16: Move In Day

I woke up extra early today because Mass was at 9:00am. I went down and was able to eat breakfast with my relatives. Breakfast was Tender Juicy hotdogs and fried eggs and rice. I left the table early so that I could be ready on time. While I did, I still had to wait on the rest of my relatives to get dressed. We left for 9:00am mass at 9:00am. Luckily, the church was only a few minutes away so we were able to get seats. The church is open so there was just a line of fans on the walls but no air conditioning. My nephews were too restless to be able to sit through the whole hour so they played outside for most of the time. One of my nephews, however, ran out and all the way to the altar, where the Priest was actually still giving his sermon. My nephew sat on the steps of the altar and the Priest took his arm and asked who’s child it was. My cousin quickly grabs my nephew and sprints back outside. She was later upset about this because the Priest should have welcomed children to the altar instead of reprimanding them for it.

After mass, my cousins, Ara and Adrian both came with me to move into my dorm. It took a while to drive there, so we were going to have a late lunch. Two hours from Bulacan, we arrived to Ateneo de Manila University, my school for the next 5 months. The school is a lot bigger than I had imagined but very clean and nicely organized. I moved into my dorm, which was in the building called University Dormitory. I was assigned a room on the ground floor which was lucky for me because the elevators were broken. This made moving a lot easier. I received the key, knocked on my room door a few times, and when I opened it I was greeted by a young, small filipina who I had woken up from her nap. She was nicknamed Boom and she told me that she was a scholar and a student athlete at Ateneo along with one of my other roommates (I have a total of 3). My room is also a lot bigger than I had imagined. I have very tall ceilings and the room was nicely equipped with a ceiling fan that could barely reach my bed. However, the room is big enough to hold 4 people without bunkbeds and was nicely divided in a way that it’s like sharing a room with only one other person.

Below: Ateneo De Manila Entrance and dorm pictures (My bed is the white one)




Left to Right:

Main door that is in the middle of the room. There are two beds to the right and two beds to the left of it. Right picture is my other two roommates’ side.

Once we were finished putting away my things, we went to SM to buy a few more things that I needed for school, like an air cooler, hangers, etc. First, we went to each lunch at Rei Rei Ken, a ramen restaurant. The portions were huge here and when I started eating the food, my stomach was feeling queasy so I really felt I couldn’t finish it. However, I felt bad that I would leave so much food so I tried to finish it as best I could. Thankfully, Ate Ara offered to help me finish it because she could tell I really couldn’t.

IMG_8589.jpgLeft: Rei Rei Ken lunch of chicken katsu and miso ramen.

As we walked towards the shopping part of the mall, it was packed. There was an insane amount of people. The amount of people on one floor of the mall would be more than the amount of people that would go to the Stoneridge Mall altogether. Kuya Adrian even said that it was too much for him to handle. He also said that you could tell it was crowded when even the appliance store was packed with people. We later found out that it was super crowded because it was the last day for their seasonal sale at the mall and filipinos love doing things last minute. Basically, everyone was at the mall today. When we finally reached the department store, there were long lines for every cashier. I was starting to feel claustrophobic by the crazy amount of people that as we were shopping, I started to feel dizzy and almost blacked out. Luckily, I began to feel sick near a bench at the corner of the store so got to sit down immediately. As I mentioned earlier, I was already feeling pretty sick from eating lunch and with the crazy amount of people, I felt even worse. As a result, I threw up uncontrollably on the floor… Since I was in a secluded corner of the store no one else really saw but Ate Ara and thankfully I didn’t throw up on anyone but myself. Also lucky for me was that Ate Ara said she was used to her son, Antione, always throwing up that she already  had wipes, vomiting medicine, etc for me. I really couldn’t believe that I had thrown up in public but it was really beyond my control. After that, however, I felt a ton better and I was really glad that it happened there with Ate Ara and not when I went back to my dorm and have it happen in front of my roommates. Anyway, Kuya Adrian bought the things for me instead as I waited in the car to rest. It was already night when we left the mall, so once all of my things were settled in my room, I said goodbye to Ate Ara and Kuya Adrian, took a shower, and went straight to bed.



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