1/6/16: Flight


1/6/16: Before leaving, I had my last meal of potstickers and my mom’s homemade prime rib. Then, we headed out at around 6:30pm to catch my 9:30pm flight. Once you see a sea of Balikbayan boxes, you know you’re at the Philippine Airlines check in. After checking in, I said my last goodbyes to my family at the SFO airport at around 8:40pm. I walked through security and down to my respective gate with mixed feelings. I was already missing my family but I was also excited for what was to come. My flight was delayed by an hour but the flight went pretty smoothly the whole 14 hours.

Above: At SFO airport, waiting in the check-in line for Philippine Airlines.

Below: In the airplane, they had a variety of movies to choose from and not just filipino ones. It really helped me get through the whole 14 hours. They also had TV shows and online games. I watched Ant-Man, Talk Back and You’re Dead (filipino), and Tomorrowland. I also watched a few episodes of a tv show documenting the history of space travels and one about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates (I may have fallen asleep through half of that one though).










Below: First meal on the plane – Dinner: beef stew with rice. Also had the option of fish with pasta.


Below: I also read my friends’ letter, my parents’ letters, and my cousin’s letter to me. It was hard not to cry from missing them when reading them so I couldn’t read my sister’s letter and decided to save it for later.5ef3e69d-3946-42cb-941a-fe58faae583b-1.jpg

Halfway through the flight, they also served a toasted panini with chicken and cheese (not pictured because most people were sleeping right before they served it so it was still dark).

Last meal – Breakfast: Pork longanisa with rice. Other choice: beef sausage with toast.


The bathroom on the plane was pretty much occupied all the time. Plus I was in the window seat with 2 other people beside me, who were already sleeping, so it was hard to get up past them and then I would’ve had to wait in line for the bathroom. I had to strategically wait until they slept in a position where their legs weren’t stretched out. The flight attendants told us that they would be serving breakfast 2 hours before the plane landed. So, I also used the bathroom 30 before breakfast was served the to freshen up because I knew that it would be occupied right after breakfast- I was right. 🙂


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